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Talents #99wordstories

” Hello.”

“Good morning sir.”

“Is Muna there?”

Anita’s eyes popped. Why couldn’t Muna take permission before going for her cousin’s wedding? Now what should she say?

“Sir… she’s not feeling well, she went to get drugs from the pharmacy.”

“Oh… it’s alright.”

Barely 5 minutes after the call their boss arrived. Anita’s heart thumped. “Muna isn’t back from the pharmacist yet?”

“No sir she didn’t come at all, she went for her cousin’s wedding” answered innocent loquacious Priscilla, another colleague, before Anita could reply.

“Really? Anita?”

Another lie brewed instantly. ” Sir she changed her mind, she’s not feeling well.”

(Word Count- 99)

Written in response to 99 words story by Charli Mills of the Carrot Ranch.


Published by Devine Success

Musical minded, bookie, readie and a writie. Ballet freak and animation lover. That's my me!

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